Dispelling the Myth of the Single-Issue Vote

Dispelling the myth of the single-issue vote, I detail the ways other issues affect the most common single-issue voter focus: abortion. This post also is a plea for the would-be single issue voter to consider all the issues and vote for the person who will best serve our state.

Why I Hate the Little Mermaid: Ariel as a Cautionary Tale for Teachers

I have a confession, one I’ve made a number of times, but not so publicly as this. I loathe The Little Mermaid. Not Ariel herself, mind you, but her story is horrifying to me as a feminist and as the parent of, well, I was going to say as the parent of a daughter, but … Continue reading Why I Hate the Little Mermaid: Ariel as a Cautionary Tale for Teachers

“Controversial” Books and Parents: A Dear Colleague Letter

"Controversial" books and parents: a dear colleague letter about intellectual freedom...I, too, am a parent.

More Educators’ Voices Needed

I’m a beneficiary of Oklahoma’s public schools and universities. My last post, “Red Dirt Teacher,” was undoubtedly both inspired by and homage to the teacher with whom I had the pleasure of spending parts of my day in both eighth and ninth grades, Anna Myers. It won’t likely surprise you that the year I was … Continue reading More Educators’ Voices Needed

Red Dirt Teacher

I was inspired to write (and record) this somewhat rage-filled poem about the Oklahoma teacher shortage last summer.  Stay strong, teachers.

Autonomy, Subversive Teaching, and Taking Positive Action in Tumultuous Times: My Response to Nancy Atwell

This is the excerpt for your very first post.